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Thank you for wanting to know more about us! We receive many customer enquiries every day. In order to serve you better, we have collated and listed some of the FAQs. Of course, our customer service crews are always ready to help and can be reached any time via e-mail. Happy Shopping!



Q. Are all your products fresh and genuine?
A. Definitely, 100%. We never sell anything other than genuine brand items on our website.

Q. I wish to buy the products in larger quantity or for wholesale purpose. Am I entitled to further discounts?
A. It depends on the size of bulk purchase. imports products directly from manufacturers and suppliers in Korea and often in large quantities. It acts as both a retailer and distributor for Korean beauty products. Email us at for more details.


Q. Why are some of the brands unheard of in Singapore?
A. Some of the brands offered here are produced for only Korea domestic market or Japan export market. We strive to bring in the latest addition before it even hit the shelves of major department stores. If you wish to learn more about the new products, you may try to visit some of the Korean and Japanese websites for beauty products. They are simply selling like hot cakes and flying off the shelves. One caution, these sites are usually available in only their native languages!



Q. What happens if I’m not happy with the product I receive?
A. Due to the nature of product, we are unable to do any exchange and refund for purchased items. We urge all our customers to check the purchase and read up more about the product to ensure the right choice of products. You may also read up about skincare tips here.

However, if you encounter any problems due to manufacturing defects, do contact us so that we can review the matter with the manufacturer concerned.


Contacting Us

Q. Why aren’t I receiving answers to my emails?
A. We endeavor to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you have not received any reply with 48 hours, please check the points:

Your message may not have been received by If you receive any messages to your mail-box with the subject “Returned mail” or “Non-delivered mail”, your message is not received by the recipient. This might be caused by two factors:

You may have written the wrong email address. Please check our e-mail addresses on the Contact Us page and try again. Your email settings may be preventing you from sending e-mails overseas. Some e-mail providers prevent some emails being sent abroad. Please check with your e-mail provider for further details.


About Us

Q. Who is TheOrangeCo?
A. houses the best Korean skin care and beauty products at discounts online. Look out for our best selling Ecobeau natural skincare made from botanical extract with No Alcohol, No Preservatives and No Parabens added. Exclusively launched in Singapore, Ecobeau is formulated to suit even the most delicate and sensitive skin type. It’s antimicrobial and anti-aging properties help to stimulate skin cell's regenerating system. The antioxidant extract from herb medicine diminishes wrinkles and acts as natural source of whitening. Continuous use of Ecobeau line will give you bright, moist, smooth, resilient and clear lustrous skin.  

Shipped directly from Korea, customers can choose from famous Korean brands such as Skin79Dr. Jart+ and some of the latest formula from dermatological experts at best prices. Top Selling products including BB cream (Blemish Balm) and Collagen-infused ampoule are offered at discounts. Our online prices are predominately 30-70% cheaper than RRP prices at major stores. That’s because we only operate online and do not pay notoriously high rental for physical stores, and therefore able to pass considerable cost savings to consumers.

Korean Skincare at discount. Products include BB Cream , Ecobeau, Dr Jart, Skin79, Collagen, Anti-Aging & Whitening beauty.