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Payment & Shipping

Q. What is the currency that you are using process my order?

A. All orders are processed in SGD Singapore dollars.

Q. What are the local delivery charges?

A. Local normal postage is free. As there is no tracking system for normal postage, we will not be responsible for any lost mail. However, we are glad to inform you that returned address is enclosed on every parcel.

Customers can also opt for smartpac or AM mail ($4.70). For purchases $120 & above, smartpac/ AM mail/ registered mail is free. This feature allows customers to track and verify the status of the parcel . Please note that signature is required for receiving the registered article. For the case of smartpac (up to 3kg), parcel will be deposited into receipent's letterbox if no one is available to receive it. Details.

For purchases $200 & above, free local courier service will be provided. Should you purchase less than $200 and wish to opt for local courier service, please click ‘Add Local Courier’. It will be chargeable at $6-12 per trip (depending on weight). 

Purchase Value < $120             $120 - $199   $200 & above
Local Postage Free Free Free

SmartPac (New!)/
AM Mail

$4.70 Free Free
Courier $6-12 $12 Free


Q. When will I receive my order & what are the OOS terms?

A. Please note that this is only a rough guide. Delivery time will depend on the postal services in your area. All orders are sent from our distribution centre 1 - 3 working days upon receiving the order and payment. For local postage, you should receive the parcel 3 – 6 working days after ordering with us. Should the items be OOS (out of stocks), you will receive a notification email and we will dispatch the goods within 14 working days. To ensure freshness of stocks (Many of our products do not contain preservatives and therefore have shorter shelf life. We suggest you order stocks well before your current tubes run out), we import new stocks regularly from Korea. We strive to maintain lean stock keeping and high turnover to deliver the prices to our customers. Hope for your understanding.

For other countries, it depends on the mode of delivery chosen and the destination. The parcel will generally reach you in about 2 weeks. For items OOS, please be a little patient with us. We will try our best to get the freshly produced stocks and mail over.  

Q. Where and how are items shipped overseas?

A. For overseas shipping, we send by the most cost effective International Airmail  provided by Singpost. Charges are as follows:  

There will be an additional S$2.50 applicable for international registered article.

here for list of countries under each zone.

All rates refer to Singapore Currency

It generally takes 3-14 working days (depending on respective countries' mailing system). Refer to Once you done with our online shopping cart, click 'Checkout'. International postage fees including tracking will be generated depending on your country. Singpost international mail calculator

Q. Why are we charged for overseas shipping while some other websites do it free?

A. Because we don’t want to make everyone pay for the “free shipping worldwide” that is usually included in the price. It’s fairer this way. 

Q. What if my order hasn’t arrived after 14 working days?

A. Delivery times do vary and depend on the postal service to the destination. While there is some limited tracking available for registered airmail, the best option would be to check with your local post office as sometimes notice of attempted delivery may have been misplaced. Contact details of your local post office can be obtained through the website of your country’s postal service. We may be able to trace your parcel if it isn’t at your local post office, but please note that a full trace will take a minimum of 18 working days due to postal requirements. OOS terms apply.

Q. How will I know when my order has been shipped?

A. After placing your order, an e-mail confirmation will automatically be sent to you with your unique order number.

Please add our emails & to your address book, or ensure you have disabled any spam filters you may have so that our emails can be received.

An email will also be sent to you when your order has been shipped which will have the date and reference number for your package. Orders are shipped 1 - 3 working days after the order has been placed. Of course, OOS terms apply.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. If your order was shipped by Express Post then you can track your order through .

You can also use your own country’s postal service’s website if they have an EMS tracking option available online.

For registered airmail, only limited tracking is available and only after a certain period of time from the date of dispatch.

Please note no tracking is available for non-registered airmail.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. Yes. We can ship to anywhere on the planet that receives regular postal services.

Q. Will there be any taxes/customs duties?

A. It depends on the destination. We currently ship to over 200 countries across the globe and most countries (especially the USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong) allow free trade over the internet and will not charge any customs duty whatsoever for small packages entering the country.


Making Payment

Q. What are the modes of payment?

A. We accept all major international credit cards, Paypal, ATM payment and interbank transfer.

Please remember to never send your complete credit card details in a single email as this is not secure. If you must send the details by email, please split the number into two parts and send in separate emails to be safe.

For payment through credit cards and Paypal, additional handling fee 4% + $0.50 will be chargeable. This is because we do not build in additional costs into our product pricing. We believe in fair pricing and only charge the additional expenses to customers using chargeable payment platforms (charged by the service providers).


Details Fees
Credit card (through Paypal) 4% + $0.50 (per transaction)
Paypal  4% + $0.50 (per transaction)

Interbank Transfer POSB-Savings 249-32135-4

ATM POSB-Savings 249-32135-4 N.A

For payment though interbank and ATM transfers, order is only processed and mailed out after receipt of payment. Please email your order number and payment reference to once payment is done.

Q. How can I pay you through PayPal?

A. Upon reaching the payment section of the checkout process, select the ‘PayPal’ payment option and input your registered PayPal email address in the space provided.

Once your order has been confirmed and you have received your order number and final total, you will be taken to the Paypal site to complete payment. If you choose not to pay immediately, you can choose instead to proceed directly to to send your payment using the “Send Money” function.

Please note that Paypal invoices will NOT be sent to your account after your order is placed. Our registered PayPal email address is