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At, we take pride in the quality of our products. Our products are carefully selected and suppliers are screened to ensure authenticity and proper tests, approval are in place.

Customers are advised to conduct spot test before applying the skincare products, especially if you have highly sensitive skin. This is to avoid any probable allergy to the products. Our skin cells are uniquely different. While strives to bring you only the best skin care products, your skin may react differently or even adversely to certain ingredients, which we cannot take responsibility and nobody can explain. In all circumstances, stop using the product if allergy develops. Seek medical help immediately.
How to Spot Test for Allergy to Skincare Products
1. Choose your product carefully. Know your skin condition well.
2. Place a small dab on the inside of the crease of your elbow. The skin here is rarely exposed to the sun and is relatively thin, so will react completely and quickly. It will also not look too bad if you DO have an allergic reaction.
3. Cover your dab with a Band-aid strip. Leave overnight. When you wake up in the morning, remove the strip. If there is any sign of redness or irritation you are allergic. Discard the remainder of your new product. Do NOT slather it all over your lovely face! No matter how much you paid for it.
4. Try another product. Be a detective. Read the label carefully, trying pin-point the exact cause of your reaction. If you continue to work in this way you will narrow the field, find the ingredient ailing your skin eventually.

Disclaimer: All products are mainly for international sale only. Not for sale in Singapore. 

Korean Skincare at discount. Products include BB Cream , Ecobeau, Dr Jart, Skin79, Collagen, Anti-Aging & Whitening beauty.