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Korean Skincare & Cosmetics Wholesale
We supply to blogshops, push carts, spree organizers, specialty stores and spas. For wholesale enquiries, please email us at We receive many enquries everyday. To facilitate discussion, please provide us with some background information on your business, products/ brands interested and quantity.  

Our stocks are shipped in from Korea regularly to ensure freshness and best condition. We strive to bring the best quality and pricing to our customers and business partners. 


Thank you for enquiries from overseas! Yes, we do supply to United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and other countries.  Please contact us for more details. 

We are Expanding! Seeking Potential Resellers for Ecobeau
Our best selling brand is Ecobeau Specialist Skincare. S
tarted by Professor Choi from Kwangwoon University (Korea) and co-developed with University of Toledo (Ohio), Ecobeau is absolutely free from synthetic preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol. 

Ecobeau’s antimicrobial and anti-aging properties help to stimulate skin cell's regenerating system. It may not show immediate results as synthetic and harsh skincare products out in the market which many a times only provide temporary efficacy. Its antioxidant extract from herb medicine diminishes wrinkles and acts as natural source of whitening. Continuous use of Ecobeau line will give you bright, moist, smooth, resilient and clear lustrous skin.